M Health is an insight-based brand consultancy focused on healthcare.

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M Health is an insight-based brand consultancy focused on healthcare.

Basically, we do three things. We do insight discovery, that is, we uncover customer needs. We take those insights and mold them into strategy. And we develop core creative, using those insights to communicate clearly and powerfully with our clients’ customers.

M Health looks at customers on a deep level, using various methodologies. The customers might be patients with specific conditions. They might be caregivers. They might be healthcare professionals of various specialties. They might be payers or policymakers. We try to understand them all at a deep level.

As a brand consultancy, M Health is not an advertising agency, or a market research company, or a management consultancy. Yet we have expertise that you would typically find in all of those companies. Our projects range from business planning workshops, culture change initiatives, and internal communications programs, to market research studies, product launches, new product development and brand identity.

To each and every project, we bring a spirit of creativity, curiosity and a deep respect for the seminal importance of
deep customer insight.

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About Us

“If you love me,
tell me where I hurt.”

The people who hire M Health have usually been around the block a few times... and they’re not afraid of the new.

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For the most part, the people who work at M Health worked previously at advertising agencies. Those agencies did perfectly respectable creative work that got perfectly respectable results. But every once in a while, those agencies would nail it. They’d do phenomenal work. Work that significantly changed the fortunes of a brand.

What was the difference between respectable and phenomenal? It was the creative brief. Those break-through campaigns began with briefs that painted vivid portraits of the customer and the customer’s needs. They clearly articulated how the client could help meet those customer needs. In other words, it came down to customer insight.

When we started M Health, that’s what we wanted to bottle.

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Our Clients

“...very, very on the mark
all the time.”

“The answers may be in qualitative research, or quantitative research, or no research.”

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What Matt Says…

Here’s what M Health brings to the marketing research and strategic consulting field that other companies do not: creativity and the ability to transition from analysis and research into strategic solutions.

M Health can function as the creative agency that provides both the strategic and tactical creative solutions, like an advertising agency would, but they also excel at doing the research and analysis that leads to the insights for those customer-focused solutions. It’s that confluence of the analysis and research, plus creative solutions, that saves time and leads to better end results.

I like working with the M Health group because they have a fresh perspective on solving problems for biopharma. The answers may be in qualitative research, or quantitative research, or no research. The answers may be in workshops with the customers of biopharma. And that’s what I enjoy about interacting with M Health. There’s that freshness and a sense of fun and exploration and appreciation of the new and novel. It’s all about those creative insights and getting to the answers that are needed, however you need to, rather than just using canned approaches and typical methodologies.

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What Bob Says…

With M Health what you get is a very lean and mean team, very senior-led. A lot of times with M Health you’re working directly with the principals. They get it. They respect timelines and deadlines, and you get great results quickly and on budget.

I started out with M Health working on strategic insights and traditional research. Then I tried them out with their creative and got very good results. I think that’s a perfect combination, to be able to use one agency that has both best-of-breed in research and best-of-breed in creative. What you come up with is the winning solution that’s going to be impactful and move business.

What I really like about working with M Health is the consistency of their product. Whether it be creative or strategic, it’s always high quality, it’s always on the mark. In these days when everybody’s budgets are challenged and you’ve got to do more for less, you don’t want to go back to the drawing board. M Health delivers straight away. They’re very, very on the mark all the time.

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Tools & Methods

“Let’s talk about insight...”

Unexpected discoveries about human motivation, emotion and behavior that can lead to opportunity for brands.

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Let’s talk about insight, those unexpected discoveries about human motivation, emotion and behavior that can lead to opportunity for brands. Let’s talk about how you get them and how you develop them.

At M Health, we have developed over the years a range of creative methodologies and tools to help you get to insights. The reason we have a range is because respondents respond differently. Some respond visually, some respond orally. So by using different creative methodologies, such as mobile ethnography, online ethnography, advanced projection techniques, video diaries, and good old fashioned cut-and-stick diaries, we’re able to dig that much deeper.

And because M Health is made up of an eclectic mix of advertising executives, creatives, people from the communications industry and people from brand strategy backgrounds, we’re able to take those insights and develop them into compelling, focused narratives.

Over the years, we’ve developed processes for working collaboratively with clients in workshop settings to develop those narratives, to dramatize them, to bring them to life.

And finally, because we’re not a market research company or an advertising agency, we’re actually able to work with you all the way through, from finding to insight to strategy to solution.

Creative Research

The first rule of market research: make it interesting

Make it interesting for respondents, because they'll be more engaged. Make it interesting for researchers, so projects don't become rote commodities. Make it interesting for brand teams, so they will be surprised and intrigued and inspired by the results.

That's the role of creativity in market research—to make it more interesting and more valuable for everyone concerned. And that's why M Health is constantly rethinking and reinventing every aspect of the research process. Want to learn more? Download the explainer below or explore our other strategies.

Case Studies

“…now when they see the data, they’re seeing real people, and they’re making decisions for real people.”

We’d like to think we put a human face on their marketing efforts.

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Expanding the concept of healthy aging

We worked with a global vaccines manufacturer to develop the concept of healthy aging. Everyone recognizes that a good diet, exercise and regular health screenings are important parts of healthy aging. We wanted to expand that definition to include the importance of adult vaccination.

We developed a global communications toolkit that included a presentation and video. Then we partnered with an international advocacy group to promote the benefits of healthy aging to policymakers, clinicians and other advocacy groups all around the world. Day by day, the word is getting around.

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Guiding business development in women’s health

A global health and beauty company was interested in understanding women and aging, and how they could build out their women’s health portfolio. We responded with a qualitative look at women’s attitudes around aging and beauty and the emotions and behaviors attached to it.

The methodology we chose was Vox Pops, impromptu filmed conversations with women at home and at work in both the US and UK. What emerged were four basic consumer typologies—the Frustrated, the Fighters, the Balanced, and the Embracers. Then we mapped the attitudes of each typology and overlaid brand perceptions using the same axes to identify white space.

The Vox Pop investigation produced a real-world look at attitudes, opinions and behavior associated with aging and beauty, as well as perceptions of cosmetic and skincare products. This study guided the development of a large-scale quantitative study in the US and UK, which would then provide a basis for client decision-making around prospective products to develop or companies to acquire.

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Decisions by and for human beings

We conducted a global study of venous thromboembolism. This was a foundational study to help guide and inform clinical and commercial strategy. The study produced a lot of data, with over 150 interviews in five countries. What we wanted to do was bring all this data to life. How could we capture the clinical experience and the human experience to bring them together in a way that was going to be real and meaningful?

So we deployed mixed methodologies, including patient journals, video journals and image projection, along with traditional tele-depth interviews, to help draw out the emotional experience of both patients and physicians. We combined these with physician case notes and payer interviews. Then to help with analysis, we deployed our Patient Pathfinder journey-mapping tool. This allows us analyze thousands of data points and see patterns and pattern deviations in order to draw truly informed conclusions. What we delivered was a very rich, very visual, very human final report.

And when we presenting our findings to the clinical team and the commercial team, they weren’t just informed. They were inspired. They were seeing more than data. They were seeing real people—and making decisions for real people.

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Humanizing healthcare technology

Currently we’re working with a global healthcare technology company that markets to hospitals all over the world. They are amazingly adept at solving clinical problems from a technical perspective. However, customer needs differ dramatically from market to market. So they rely on M Health to help them understand these differences and adjust their marketing efforts accordingly.

We’d like to think we put a human face on their marketing efforts. While they market to clinicians and administrators, we have a creative rule: no pinstripes, no white coats. Basically, what that means is we have a tendency not to show administrators and doctors in our creative executions for this client. Instead, we tell technology stories in terms of their effect on patients. By doing so, we are able to engage administrators and clinicians on a much deeper level.

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Our People

“…copacetic, collaborative, creative,
versatile, purple, groovy, entertaining,
nerdy, funky, fun.”

Contact Us

“…you can’t ever really know a company just from a website.”

Best to ask a company in, ask for a capabilities presentation, because there’s a lot to share, a lot of detail.

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