Innovation Rock Stars

Innovation Rock Stars.

For most companies in most industries, innovation is a top priority. Consider the following: in a survey of 1000 companies from a cross-section of industries, R&D spending totaled $647 billion last year. As an industry, healthcare ranked second in innovation spending. Innovation is what companies are after. And they’re making huge investments to get it.

So, how can we increase the likelihood that our innovation efforts will actually deliver bigger and better ideas? How can we do things differently to help make that happen? What models can we learn from? What principles can we apply?

At M Health we’ve develped an innovation workshop that is centered around the prolific partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Why John and Paul? Because they truly were masters of innovation. In the 10 years the Beatles were together, they released 217 songs, the vast majority of which were credited to Lennon and McCartney. In their incredibly productive partnership, John and Paul embodied three critical principles that we can use in supporting the innovation efforts we are all involved with. These three principles are:

  • The power of pairs
  • Collaboration and competition
  • Chaos and cosmos—the principle of creative tension

By injecting these principles into the innovation efforts within our own organizations, we are likely to produce more and better ideas, more reliably and more efficiently. Download the explainer below to learn more or

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